Best ham sandwiches to make with Easter leftovers

shutterstock_441875635Easter without an Easter ham? No way.

Easter ham leftovers without Costanzo’s rolls? Never!

Here are some not-so-boring ham sandwiches, courtesy of Epicurious, you can make with those Easter leftovers and a dozen Costanzo’s rolls!

Deviled ham and pickle sandwich. After preparing the Easter meal for your family, this 15-minute recipe is a well-needed break from cooking. The deviled ham and pickle sandwich is a simple lunch for the kids to take to school or just something to whip up on a busy day.

Grilled cheddar cheese and ham sandwich. Just thinking about this makes us hungry. Take your everyday ham and cheese sandwich to the next level by grilling it in a special ingredient and adding fresh parsley and thyme, bringing all of the flavors together with each cheesy bite.

Cuban. A warm, pressed sandwich with ham, Swiss cheese and pickles. The only difference is that instead of hard, lard-based Cuban bread, you’ll be biting into a soft, scrumptious Costanzo’s roll.

Grilled ham and gouda sandwich. Now that we’re at the end of this list, we can all agree that ham paired with any type of cheese is the best way to eat a ham sandwich. Our next ham/cheese combo: gouda. Who wouldn’t love warm, melted gouda on a Costanzo’s roll with caramelized onions to finish it all off? Sounds like the best way to eat Easter leftovers.

Getting rid of the leftover Easter ham won’t be hard this year with these sandwich recipes. Enjoy!