Costanzo’s new product line is made with 100% clean ingredients

simply baked logoWe know we’re sharing this news on April Fool’s Day, but we’re not kidding around here. We’ve created a product line made entirely with clean and natural products. We want your food to not only taste great, but make you feel great. Inspired by the rising healthy-living culture and the nostalgia of simple and fresh recipes, we created Simply Baked.

Our Simply Baked product line features classic Costanzo’s favorites like sub, hamburger and sandwich rolls in white, wheat and multigrain. The only difference is when you take your first bite. You’ll know that nothing has been added except for natural, simple ingredients. Things you won’t find: calcium, propionate, bromate, e-cysteine and much more.

Costanzo’s Simply Baked products are here just in time for the grilling season. With every bite you take, we promise you’ll taste—and feel—the difference.