Why Father’s Day and Costanzo’s rolls go hand in hand

shutterstock_271967147To make this Father’s Day one to remember, make sure you have the grill on high and a dozen Costanzo’s rolls. Your dad would probably be disappointed if he had anything else. Here’s why:

Dads are the best grillers. Dad’s love showing off their grilling skills. They pride themselves on it. Let him show off what he can do with a family dinner!

Dads love burgers. Dads aren’t the pickiest eaters. At the end of the day, all they want is a delicious burger.

Quality time with family. Father’s Day is the perfect day to hang out in the backyard, throw a football around and end the day with burgers on the grill and a few brews.

Only the best for dad! Dads are awesome. And you only want the best for them. This Father’s Day, make sure you have a dozen Costanzo’s rolls close by.