Our Limited Edition Rosemary Roll is Here


Christmas Eve is no doubt the busiest and most exciting time of year at Costanzo’s Bakery. This year, we’ve added a new product to serve at this time only. Our bakery elves have been hard at work creating this limited edition Christmas roll. The result? The Heat-and-Serve Rosemary Dinner Roll.

For just two days on December 23 and 24, you can buy our Rosemary Dinner Roll at the Costanzo’s Bakery storefront.

The Rosemary Dinner Roll is the perfect addition to your holiday meal. Stick them in the oven just before your guests arrive, and your home will be filled with the subtle and delicious scent of rosemary as they walk in the door. What’s better than smelling them in the oven is, of course, the taste! Each bite is a perfect and festive combination of warm, baked bread and fresh rosemary; we recommend trying them with a hint of butter.

When you stop by the storefront this weekend, don’t forget to get a package of our limited edition rosemary dinner rolls! Use #rosemaryrolls on social media and give us your feedback!

Costanzo’s Bakery will be open Dec. 23-24 from 6:30 am to 3 pm. Orders must be picked up by 1 pm.