Why spring + Costanzo’s = perfection

SpringFlowersSpring is a season that stirs up a lot of mixed emotions. You love it because summer’s just around the corner, but you also can’t stand it because of mud, brown grass, and the occasional snow storm (shout out Stella).

Indeed, spring is a confusing time of year. But we can’t deny one thing: it’s warm enough to cook on the grill and not freeze your buns off, pun intended.

The best way to celebrate the almost-summer weather is to fire up the grill and have burgers with some Costanzo’s rolls. Just think, with each bite, you’re getting closer and closer to hanging out by the pool. It also gives you a chance to perfect your grilling skills before you have friends over in the backyard.

Basically, spring is the perfect time to start stocking up on your Costanzo’s rolls. Stop by today to get those warm weather feels.