About Costanzo’s Bakery

In 1933, an ambitious Angelo Costanzo started a small bakery along the Niagara River known as Costanzo’s Bread. He delivered Italian breads to mom and pop grocery stores throughout Buffalo, NY. As the business grew, and with the advent of the Supermarket, you could find the Buffalo favorite “Costanzo’s Bread” stocked in every store. Over the years Costanzo’s became a trusted brand throughout Buffalo.

In the 70’s, Angelo Sr., realizing the growth potential of Sub and Pizza Shops, changed directions and started servicing foodservice establishments in the Buffalo area. Because of the name recognition and the quality products from the Supermarket days, Costanzo’s was widely accepted and became the desired roll for most of the sub shops in Buffalo. At the same time, Angelo began grooming Angelo Jr. and his brother to take over the family business.

In 1977, Angelo Jr. and his brother took over the bakery and eventually moved into a new location. As the business grew, the natural progression was to expand into the national marketplace by developing a line of frozen, fully baked sub rolls and round rolls. This was the beginning of Costanzo’s Bakery, Inc. Over the next several years, Angelo also groomed his sons to take over the business; and in 2000, the third generation was at the helm.

Today, Costanzo’s Bakery, with our retail outlet, sub shop and local routes, services the Buffalo/Niagara Region. Costanzo’s also has national distribution in the Foodservice, Deli/Bakery, and Retail businesses, with all products being produced and delivered from our bakery in Cheektowaga, NY. Our success is possible because of hard work and a vision that started 80 years ago by Angelo Costanzo, Sr. and passed through the generations and onto generations to come.

As the Costanzo family celebrates the bakery’s 80th anniversary, we look to the future by introducing new products and continuing to service our loyal customers. Costanzo’s continues to maintain the promise made by Angelo Costanzo, Sr. 80 years ago.