Burgers for Millennials

Brioche Burger_featureBorn between the early 80s and early 2000s, Millennials influence more than $500 billion in spending each year and they are, or should be, one of your largest customer bases. Attracting Millennials can be as simple as adjusting the burgers on your menu to suit their interests. Try these suggestions:
– Up the spicy quotient on your menu. Kimchi and sriracha are two ingredient Millennials are very familiar with and love. Use them as toppings or mix them into burgers for some kick.
– Millennials love to share at restaurants, so offering sliders or burgers that are easily halved or quartered will give you a leg up on competitors.
– 30% of Millennials say they are looking for non-beef burgers on menus, so adding in a turkey burger, veggie burger, salmon burger, or chicken burger will satisfy those cravings.
– Millennials place a high importance on ingredients that are organic, sustainable, fresh, and local. Use locally sourced cheese and toppings and always use Costanzo’s Bakery rolls for freshness and that local edge in Western New York.