Ways to use Costanzo’s this Halloween

Whether you’re having an adults-only cocktail gathering or a kid-friendly costume party this Halloween, you’re going to need food to keep your guests happy. Something easy to make, something simple to eat, something delicious, something made with Costanzo’s rolls. 5584_C2L1

Consider Costanzo’s Bakery your helping hand this Halloween, because anything made with Costanzo’s rolls is destined to be a crowd pleaser no matter the event.

Thinking of ways to make your Costanzo’s rolls a little more festive? Look no further than this list:

Pumpkin Burgers

BeDeviled Burgers

Jack-o-Lantern Burgers

We recommend making these recipes with Classic White Costanzo’s Rolls. Any recipe you choose will be a hit!

Don’t have enough time or just want something simple? Stop by Costanzo’s Sandwich Shop and pick up freshly sandwiches to serve at your party!