Health Knead Sandwich Roll

A “New” Costanzo’s Original

  • Made with Superfoods
  • Sugar-Level Friendly
  • Low GI from Smarter Carbs

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Great for you Never Tasted so Amazing!

Balsamic chicken on health knead
Veggie On Health Knead
Turkey Swiss on Health Knead
Loaded Burger on Health Knead

Why Health Knead?

“After we learned my father needed to closely monitor his sugar levels, we knew we had the responsibility to make some changes.

We crafted Health Knead for people like him and countless others. Its for those needing delicious, better-for-you choices. Its for families looking to make healthier decisions.

Above all, it’s for everyone who loves bread but also knows the importance of improved nutrition.”

– Angelo Costanzo III


Health Knead is more than just our latest product. We knew it was up to us to develop the most innovative product in the white bread space—so that’s what we did. We searched all over the globe to source the superfoods to marry with our classic recipe. And the result… well, you tell us.

Who doesn’t want more sustained energy during the day after eating?
What if you could eat amazing superfoods and not realize it?

How would you like your sandwich roll to be healthy…and still satisfying that White roll craving?


By infusing superfoods into our classic recipe, Costanzo’s Health Knead roll is full of complex, healthy carbs. The carbs are broken down and utilized by the body over a longer period of time—providing sustained energy and increased mental performance.




What is Low GI?

Technical Definition

The glycemic index is a relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.

What that means to you:

Foods with a low GI value are slowly digested and absorbed, causing a slower and smaller rise in blood sugar levels. Foods with a high GI value are quickly digested and absorbed, resulting in a rapid rise and fall of blood sugar levels.

The Glycemic Index

The index is divided into 3 groups that are scored for your health: Low (>55), Medium (56-69) and High (70+). Those foods that are 56 or higher, spike your blood sugar fast and then you crash hard.

That’s why we created the Low GI roll, so you can have your sandwich on the white roll you love, without the sugar crash after.


Low GI

Med GI

High GI

A Good Carb Collaboration

Costanzo’s has partnered with Holista Foods, Buffalo NY and its subsidary Holista CollTech, an Australian natural food innovation and bio technology Company dedicated to global food and nutrition research to address the diabesity pandemic. Glycemic Index tests are conducted at the world-recognized University of Sydney, Australia, The GI Labs, Canada and Oxford Brookes University, England.

“As a cook book author and healthy food supplier to the food industry, I know the importance of enjoying great tasting food regardless of what diet you are on. Finally, a delicious white roll that truly satisfies and doesn’t spike your blood sugar. Studies worldwide have shown that a low GI diet can assist with weight management by reducing insulin levels, helping you burn body fat and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.”

Nadja Piatka, CEO – Holista Foods

Why Health Knead is Different

Sustained Energy

We know that our body and brain need carbs, fats and proteins to function. What you may not know is that 45-65% of your diet should consist of carbs. Our superfoods “complexify” the traditional carb structure for your body and brain to digest, providing more sustained energy and increased mental performance.


With a third of the country being either diabetic or prediabetic in 2021, we know that the foods we eat have a strong impact on our health. Eat the roll that allows for maximum satisfaction without sacrificing what makes Low Glycemic rolls so important. Take control of your health, take control of your life.

General Hearth Health

The theory behind using the glycemic index to choose foods—including fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and grains—is that sudden rises in blood sugar after eating may cause health problems. In studies that observed large groups of people over time, eating a lower-glycemic-index diet was associated with less obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Recipes featuring the Health Knead Sandwich Roll

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